Thursday, March 31, 2011

The morning..

He opened his eyes. Like on so many other days before, the sun was already shining outside.
Slowly but accurately he moved his hand to grab the phone. It was still 8:34 AM.
'Wow. Seems I might actually accomplish something today', he thought.
It was the first day in a very long time that he managed to get up before the alarm. He turned off the alarm that would have rang in about 20 minutes and got out of bed.

He opened the curtains. Although it was sunny there was still snow everywhere. Looking out of the window he started to think, 'Should I go brush my teeth and eat breakfast or check the email first?' Just like everyday, the choice was obvious. He turned his computer on, put on his pants and sat in his uncomfortable chair.

He opened facebook. Still only 33 friends. Quickly closed that browser window, just to open the browser again. 'You dummy', he said quietly to himself.
g-m-a-i-l-dot-c-o-m he typed and pressed enter.

1 new email.

It really was going to be an abnormal day ..