Friday, April 1, 2011

The email.. part 1

Don't misunderstand. It wasn't abnormal to get emails. He often got several emails per day; not to mention the spam, which he didn't even look at. But the emails he got on daily basis were mostly from the few of his friends or someone else he actually knew.

From time to time some of the spam passed through the filters. These were the times when for a split second a 'Oooo Happy Day' echod through his head;
'Can you really believe it. I really won 2 million dollars with the Nigerian Lotto'. Half a second later he realized what he had just thought;
Click, click and that spam email was gone.

But today. The email he received today wasn't any of the above.

He scratched his head. The emails subject row read: 'concerning the Kingdom of Internets'.
'What was that supposed to mean?', he thought.
He looked at the sender. 'Kat Ceiling'. 'Who is that? I have never heard of her' ,he mumbled.

He double clicked on the email and it opened.

It started with a 'Dear Mr', followed by his name.
'Ok. This might not be an average spam mail', he mumbled and continued to read.

'I send this letter for you from the marvelous Kingdom of Internets.
It's a kingdom full of miraculous beings, such as unicorns and narwhales.
Although our kingdom is the happiest place on earth, there is a problem
which we can't handle ourselves.'

Although the text continued, he raised his eyes off the monitor. There was only room for one thought in his head: 'I really have to pee right now', and then he ran.


  1. LoL'd! Unicorns in next parts? Good job, keep writing! ;)

  2. Post part 2 already! This is some good work. Great post!

  3. These stories are so random. That's possibly why I love reading them (:

  4. I am interested in what happens next.

  5. write faster! can't wait for the next part!

  6. It's important to pee before taking any important decision!

  7. Well now I have to read Part 2, following!

  8. kat ceiling = ceiling cat :D:D

  9. haha i need the next part following

  10. I want to join the Kingdom of Internets now.

  11. Fine piece of writting. Keep up the good work.

  12. Lulz, Kingdom of Internets. Awesome post.