Friday, April 8, 2011

Waiting room for 3 and 4 ..

'That man. I know him from somewhere! But from where?'

He took a look around and saw that he was standing in some sort of saloon like room. There were lots of round tables in the middle of the room, filled with people.
Next to the stairs there was a bar. The bartender smiled and gestured him to walk over there.

The bartender was a man, somewhere around 40 years old and he had a similar mustache as the guy whom he had met just moments ago.

'So, you new here?', the bartender asked.
'Yes. I don't even know where I am', he answered.
The bartender handed him a drink: 'Scotch. On the house,' and continued,
'You, my good sir, are on the Fap Ferry. And this room right here is the waiting room."
'What are they waiting for?', he asked.
'You see those doors there? Each of these rooms have different kind of things in them.'

He took a look around. There really were doors everywhere. Apart from the stairs, the bar and a little stage that was on the opposite side of the room from them, all of the walls where covered with doors.

'Waiting room? For what?'
'Well. In our land, in the Kingdom of Internets, there are many rules. One of them, number 34 is so important that our ferry, the main entrance to the kingdom, is now where all of requests involving this rule are satisfied.
You see,the makers of our rules, or laws as you may want to call them, made that rule so that there must always be workers to satisfy the growing need for this rule.'

'But what are these people waiting ?'
'They are waiting until the workers finish, so that they can go in and inspect the results.
He didn't really understand, but was afraid to ask more.

He took a sip from the glass and asked: 'Excuse me, but did you happen to see that man I met near the stairs?'

'Yes, the man you met was our captain. He was waiting here as well..'
The bartender lowered his voice to almost a whisper and added: 'you see, he was going to inspect what the pony-masters had just created'

Then the bartender said: 'Excuse me. A loyal customer just walked in,' and turned to a man who had just entered - according to his looks (he had a lightsaber hanging on his belt) an apparent fan of Star Wars.


  1. This is great stuff, i love your stories!

  2. an apparent fan of star wars. hahaha.

  3. You're stories are brill. Can't wait for the next one.

  4. what about him looked like a star wars fan???

  5. whats rule 34? is there a sequal coming??

    nice cliff hanger ;)

  6. @Janez. You don't know rule34? Really?

    I truly am sorry, but only google can help you with that

  7. Hah, nice story, well written

  8. Lol rule 34, I can't wait to see how this turns out.

  9. your stories are simply awesome

  10. :D great story
    the ones asking what rule 34 is should google it ;)

  11. Wow, what a cliff-hanger. Followed, as long as you keep posting them :D

  12. Interesting story. Good idea for a blog. I'll be reading it!