Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The ferry ..

In order to get on the ferry, he could only do one thing. He had learned in biology what fap mean - it meant Fixed Action Pattern. He opened his favorite website, hoping to see something that would lead him to the ferry.

He opened his eyes. A warm breeze was blowing. He didn't know where he was. It felt good as if he had slept sometime, yet his last memories were about browsing that website.

He noticed that he was laying on some bench sort of thing, there wasn't any roof on top. It was cloudy; some seaguls were flying in the sky. He heard sea sounds - the waves splashing into something.
'I must be on the ferry!', he thought.
He stand up. He was on the top deck of the ferry. There wasn't anyone else in sight.
He watched the sea - no land in sight.

There were stairs going downwards near the bench. Carefully as a cat, he climbed down the stairs.
As soon as he reached the lower floor a little man with funny mustache came to him.

'Welcome aboard mister. We will be arriving at P.Hub Harbor in about an hour. Have a nice day!', the man said with a high, nasal sound.


  1. You have an interesting method of writing. God damn it I like it! I wish I could get on that fap ferry...

  2. Hahaha "fixed action pattern" wow good stuff

  3. interested to see where you're going with this. more more moreeeeee

  4. Hmmm very interesting, dont know what to make of it right now.

  5. Beautiful work, I really like this one

  6. Fixed Action Pattern. ^^
    I like how you blended that into the story.