Saturday, April 2, 2011

The email.. part 2

Slowly and gracefully as the queen of England, he returned from the bathroom. He scratched himself from a couple of places and sat down to his still very uncomfortable but familiar chair.
He continued to read.

'... which we can't handle ourselves. You see,
our majesty, the king has recently fallen ill.
The doctors haven't found out whats wrong with him
and that is why the king has ordered to call for you.
For some reason, he thinks you could help us.

So please come and help us, come and fulfill the kings request.

If you accept, then follow the map that I have attached to the email.
I took the liberty to mark the location of the kings castle with a red cross.

Sincerely watching you from above,
temporary representor of Kingdom of Internets,
Ceiling Kat.'

He didn't know if he should laugh or cry. 'Was this some sort of a prank?', he wondered.
Then he clicked on the attachment link.

He watched the clock. It was still 8:47. The picture opened and he started to carefully inspect the map.

(credits for this picture goes to Corbin Fraser)

Although he recognized most of the places - he visited websites about these places almost every day - he had always wondered what these places really look like.

'So the only way to get there is by riding the ferry', he mumbled and rub his hands together with excitement.
An exiting adventure was waiting for him.


  1. Looks like Google is ruling 'The Internets'. Youtube + Google search machine, if they buy Facebook and/or Twitter, Google basicly has part in everybodies life.

  2. Lol'd at the picture and the location of piratebay haha ...

  3. Very creative post. Good follow up from the other post. Great.Will follow more.

  4. haha this is such a great idea, and an interesting story. can't wait to see where it goes

  5. yeah, as good as previous one, keep it up! and lol at the map

  6. Google is the dominant force on the internet hands down

  7. very nice post, lol'd at the picture :)

  8. a map of the internets!? i wana swim in the porn ocean.

  9. First time I have come accross a story blog. Very interesting.

  10. I want more now! Very good job, keep it up.

  11. Lol. Very good read. I like the map as well.

  12. Nice read, I had to laugh at the picture. ;D

  13. That's one place i WOULDN'T want to swim...
    Who knows whats in the water :/

  14. i would consider some of the big companies such as google and facebook to be king of internets, sorry this is off topic...but anyways, good post :p

  15. fine little blog you have here. keep up the good work. ceiling cat be with you.

  16. An exciting adventure


  17. This is awesome, you should write more.