Saturday, April 16, 2011

The monopoly..

The captain took out the box, opened it and they started to prepare the game.

The first thing he noticed was, that instead of the usual lame old-style silver race car, the captain handed him a silver Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 figurine. The captain chose a figurine that wasn't even silver, it was a lemon yellow lawyer looking figurine (it had a briefcase and LIAR written on its back).

After they had chosen the figurines the captain took out the game board. He instantly noticed that it had some interesting companies on it. There were 3 yellow firms for instance: Google Adsense, Google Search and Google Gmail.

He asked the captain: 'Captain, is this a regular monopoly game?'
'Of course not. Take a closer look. It is the Internets monopoly!'

The captain started to point to the board and added: 'See! Here are the Google companies. And then there are the Yahoo companies and instead of the usual railways there is Facebook!'

As he looked at the board, he noticed that so it was. There were 3 purple fields for example with names as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Domain Names and Yahoo Web Search.

'Is there anything else I should know? Anything that is different from the original game?', he asked.
'Well.. Take a look at the community chest cards.'

He took the cards and started to read them.
There were all sort of cards:

' receive temporary medical insurance..',
' receive best buy gift card..',
' receive laser hair removal surgery..'

(not all the cards were good)

'I let you start', the captain said and handed him a pair of dice. But even the dice weren't regular.

He throw the dice and he roll a 'Chuck Norris' and a 'Chocolate Pudding'.
'That is 13 in numbers', captain said while moving his Lambo figurine on the board.

'It reads Yahoo Domain Names. Do you want to buy it?', captain Obvious asked and added :'If something gets hard that means it won't be easy anymore!'

He didn't really understand what the captain had just said.
'Yes I would like to ..', he was saying when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

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