Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meeting the captain..

The bartender returned to him. 'You don't seem like our usual customer. What brings you here?'
'Well, I was sent this letter to come to the Kingdom of Internets', he said.
'Oh! So you aren't here for the R34 at all? Ok, don't worry. It happens sometimes'
It looked as if the bartender tried to smile friendly, but these mustache made him look like a serial killer.

'Oh, see our captain is back already', said the bartender.
He looked at the stairs and the short man he had seen earlier was walking (while unzipping his pants) past the stairs.
'Hey Johnny, a coke please',said the captain.
'Back from the pony-room so soon, captiain?', the bartender asked while pouring him the soda.
'Shhh. Not so loudly. And yes, there wasn't that much to inspect', said the captain.
'Captain. This young man here is travelling to the mainland and accidentally came to the wrong room', told the bartender.
'Oo. Is he now? And what brings you to our lovely kingdom?', asked the captain after turning his head towards our lad.
'Well, I got a letter from some miss named Kat Ceiling', he said.

Both the captain and the bartender were shocked. It didn't happen everyday that the most current ruler of their kingdom had summoned for someone from the real world. Actually, none of them had heard of that ever happening before.
'Really now? ', said the captain and added, 'I guess you are a VIP on our ferry then! Come on, let me show you around'

Captain put his hands around our lads shoulders and said: 'I haven't introduced myself yet. I am the captain of this ship. And therefor I am the captain. But I am not any captain, I am a superhero, I am Captain Obvious. And I am what I am.'

The captain stand up and said: "Take your drink now. We will be arriving to the port in some amount of time. Dead people are not alive, so lets go and check out the ferry".
Thats not the real captain, thats just a drawing. The real captain had mustache - don't you forget that.


  1. captain ovious :D that's great

  2. ^^
    I like what you did with that.

  3. I am Captain Geek. Keep up the good posts!

  4. Can't beat a bit of Captain Obvious to start the day B)

  5. lol, always loved this one, love calling people, who say obvious things, captain obvious :D